24 Kasım 2017 Cuma

Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the best sales day of the year, that's for sure. In order to celebrate the special day, Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale (https://www.dresslily.com/promotion-black-friday-sale-special-260.html?lkid=11978167)will provide some really awesome deals to all customers. To help you plan your Dresslily (https://www.dresslily.com/?lkid=11978167)itinerary, we've made this early peek guidelines to help you!

Up to 85% OFF Sale (Nov.24~Nov26)

That's right, up to 85% Off discount is what we're about to hand over. Early deals have already started, with the Countdown to Black Friday sale. Dresslily offers flash deals on various items, no matter you're a dress/men'swear lover, we got you covered! From November 24th ~ November 26th. credit card at the ready!(https://www.dresslily.com/promotion-black-friday-sale-special-260.html?lkid=11978167)

Cyber Monday 90% Sale (Nov.27~Nov.29)

You think 85% Off is our limit? Well, we could push it even harder. From November 27th ~ 29th, up to 90% Off discount awaits. Be prepared!

Flexible Cancellation Policy

During Dresslily Black Friday Sale(https://www.dresslily.com/promotion-black-friday-sale-special-260.html?lkid=11978167), if your order hasn’t shipped in over 14 days.You can always cancel them. There's nothing to worry about.

 More New Arrivals

Over 2000 new arrivals(https://www.dresslily.com/new-products.html?lkid=11978167)which will be upload daily! Various choices for fashion lovers and best prices for the year. We are here to present you the best of the best. Best opportunity to explore your faves and collect them with the huge discount!

Coupons For The Win

Buy more & save more, Be smart by using Dresslily(https://www.dresslily.com/?lkid=11978167) coupon before ordering any item in your cart! Up to $24 Off? No problem!

Gift For All Members (Nov.24~ Nov.29)

Dresslily(https://www.dresslily.com/promotion-delicous-deals-on-thanksgiving-special-250.html?lkid=11978167) made it this far because of your great support. From November 24th ~ 29th, all VIP customers will receive a surprise gift. And all new sign-ups get a 15% Off coupon. Don't forget to check your mailbox!

If you miss these huge discounts, you'll miss it for a year. Are you ready?

Rosegal Black Friday Sale 2017

Jump-start your 2017 Christmas shopping with the best Black Friday deals( https://www.rosegal.com/promotion-black-friday-deals-special-175.html?lkid=11415213)at Rosegal. This year Rosegal(https://www.rosegal.com/?lkid=11415213is using multiple new discount tactics to get them ahead before the Black Friday 2017. Let's see how it works!

A series of mystery discount codes will be active soon. If you are reading my article, you're the first knowing this. Collecting them is easy. Verify your E-mail now and wait for various kinds of coupon codes hop into your mailbox, these coupons could be used during Rosegal Black Friday Sale (https://www.rosegal.com/promotion-black-friday-deals-special-175.html?lkid=11415213)(Nov.24~Nov.29), twice for each! 

Who doesn't like discounts? Rosegal Coupon Zone(https://www.rosegal.com/lucky-draw/?lkid=11415213) is about to get out of control. From (Nov.24~ Nov.29), over 100000 valuable coupons will be giving out daily! Including coupons for category / hot sale products and more.Be smart and collect them to your advantage. Also, the lucky draw in Rosegal Coupon Zone has been updated. Spin to win free Rosegal gifts!

Every online fashion retailer has its own special gift for their new members. Join Rosegal (https://www.rosegal.com/vip-members-day-combo/?lkid=11415213)now and get theirs. Take a note, new sign-ups during (Nov.24~Nov.29) can get 20% off coupon. (It should be 15% Off before) Only in this period, join Rosegal now!

Use site-wide Code: RGVIPEnjoy another extra 12% Off is amazing. At the same time, Rosegal prepared a BUY 1 GET 2 FREE zone, this is interesting and definitely worth to have a peek. 

There's one last thing you should know, during (Nov.24~Nov.29), Shop in Rosegal and screen-shot the order details might make you become the winner. Share the screen-shot on Instagram or Facebook contest post with #RGBLACKFRIDAY. Rosegal will choose 3 random winners every day. Each winner will receive a $100 Gift Card. Besides, order over $30 (It's too easy to reach in Black Friday Sale) with flat shipping method will be free tracking from now. Keep them in mind!

Focus on Rosegal's main page, since it looks like they're going to give out more specific benefits any minute. Meanwhile, we'll be here with our wallets open.

Zaful Black Friday! Credit cards at the ready!

This Friday is special, it's the BLACK FRIDAY(Nov. 24, 2017)(https://www.zaful.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-sales-preview-2017.html?lkid=11450558), are you already gearing up to overfill your shopping appetites? If you love a good style steal online retailer, Zaful (https://www.zaful.com/?lkid=11450558)will probably be the first port of call when shopping online. This year, Zaful Black Friday Sale(https://www.zaful.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-sales-preview-2017.html?lkid=11450558) offers you: Even more insane deals than ever & The Big Sale last even longer! But before you hop into Zaful's Black Friday Sale(https://www.zaful.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-sales-preview-2017.html?lkid=11450558), do a research and plan wisely is a smart way to save more cash. Let's check out our A-to-Z guiding list and do things right!

Big PromotionsNov. 24 - Nov. 29

Be ready for the biggest discount of 2017. From (November 24th - November 29th), buy 3 and get 1 for free at Zaful's best seller list(https://www.zaful.com/best-sellers/?lkid=11450558)! If that's not what you're looking for, we have our "New faves & New arrivals" zone standing by. Up to 50% OFF discounts are waiting to satiate your fashion needs!

Zaful Black Friday CarnivalNov. 24 - Nov. 29

Cutthroat price is the most common thing during Black Fridays(https://www.zaful.com/new-faves/?lkid=11450558). Who doesn't love cheap goods? From November 24th - November 29th, 3 different discounts: 20%/30%/40% will be marked on selected products!
    40% off select items on Nov. 24 & Nov. 27
    30% off select items on Nov. 25 & Nov. 28
    20% off select items on Nov. 26 & Nov. 29
Look carefully and memorize it by heart(or your cell phone).Don't mix up the time and lose your opportunity. That is to say: Set an alarm clock!

Shipping & Refund
2 days free standard shipping (24th & 27th ), 5 days free express shipping!( 24th - 29th )(Over $79)
From 24th - 29th you may refund by using self-service as well. Return warranty extended to 45 days. This is a service upgrade only for Black Friday.
Share Your Order To Get It Free! (Nov.24- Nov.29)
Getting freebie is easy. Screen-shot your order during ZAFUL BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY. Share it on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter with (#ZFfree) and tag (@zaful). 15 lucky winners will be chosen from all and will receive her/his full order cost to the original payment account! Let become the luckiest person this month among all your friends!
Win Free Gifts (Nov.27- Nov.29) & Gift Cards (Nov.24- Nov.26)
1) Once your shopping bag reaches $79 from November 27th to 29th, you can choose a secret gift! There are various selections to discover. No spoilers here, check it out yourself!
2)From November 24th to November 26th, 10 winners with the highest daily order amount wins themselves a gift card! Who will be the final winner? (The gift card value equals to 50% of the order price, up to $100.) 

Hope you find this guide helpful, but also be advised, this is just a bit, and there are more to discover, Zaful Black Friday sale( https://www.zaful.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-sales-preview-2017.html?lkid=11450558)are waiting for you to explore. Don’t miss this opportunity or you will have to wait for another year!

Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips!

Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips!

In case you haven’t noticed, Zaful Thanksgiving sale(https://www.zaful.com/thanksgiving-day-sales.html?lkid=11450558) has begun! $10 off over $60 discounts and free orders with free shipping.! Great deals on trendiest fall fashion and winter clothes. Zaful(https://www.zaful.com/?lkid=11450558) Thanksgiving day sale is waiting for your visit!
Let’s see how to get free orders and bonus during the big sale!
A free order chance will be offered during 2017 Zaful Thanksgiving Sale(https://www.zaful.com/thanksgiving-day-sales.html?lkid=11450558)! Each Zaful account has a chance to spin our Wheel of Thanksgiving per day. Which you may gain access to FREE ORDER / 10 Z POINTS /30 Z POINTS / $3 CASH COUPON / $7 CASH COUPON / 15% OFF COUPON / 8% OFF COUPON.  
Attention! Coupon is Only Valid for 72 hours after you receive it. And each can be used Only Once. You can check your remaining Z-points and coupons in your profile. Good luck!


It’s Thanksgiving day(https://www.zaful.com/thanksgiving-day-sales.html) and Zaful wants to say “thank you” to everyone who supports us until today. As return, A mega gift is ready for everyone!
In this special day, every new Zaful register will get $300 and exclusive Deals from $0.01! For all our old friends, simply win $45 by inviting!

Explore and find your fave. Huge discount and free shipping only on Zaful Thanksgiving sale(https://www.zaful.com/thanksgiving-day-sales.html?lkid=11450558).If you miss it, you’ll have to wait for 
another year. 365 days is long enough. How many 365 days in our lifetime? Have a look right now!

23 Kasım 2017 Perşembe

Pembe Mont

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Pembe severler burada mı? Peki ya bebek mavisi? Ben iki rengi de çok seviyorum, birbirlerine de çok yakıştırıyorum. O nedenle bu kombinde ikisini bir araya getireyim dedim!

Yeni pembe montum Light in the box sitesinden, oldukça ince ama soğuktan koruyor. Ağır kaban ve montları giymeyi sevmeyenler için iyi bir seçenek. Cep kısmında bulunan peluş detaylarını da çok sevdim. Karanlık kış günlerine renk getirmek için dolaba eklendi!

Mavi çantam ise Lovelywholesale sitesinden. Oldukça minik görünmesine aldanmayın, aslında çok kullanışlı. Ben özellikle rengine vurulup aldım, her mevsimlik şirin bir çanta.

Do you like pink? Or baby blue? Well, i like them both and i think they are perfect together. So i want to use these two cute color for my outfit!

My new pink coat is from Light in the box. It's thin but keeps you warm at the same time so if you don't like to wear heavy coats and jackets, that pink coat is a great choice. I love the fur details on the pockets.

My blue bag is from Lovelywholesale. It looks tiny but it is not. I put my keys, phone, wallet, tissue and wet wipes in it! Also i'm in love with the color. It's a great bag choice for any season.

Coat Light in the Box Mont,                 Bag Lovelywholesale Çanta
Shoes Ami Club Wear Bot

21 Kasım 2017 Salı

Black Friday is Coming...

I love to shop like every woman but online shopping is my passion. It's so easy to shop and you can find a lot of items, just clicking the links. So i want to let you know about the big Zaful sale, so you can enjoy black friday deals and back Friday sales.

So get ready for black Friday 2017 zaful.

Here are my choies, you can find a lot more on Zaful.

Blue Coat,                                   Pink Coat

Black and White Skirt,                       Leather Skirt

20 Kasım 2017 Pazartesi

Winter Shopping List!

It's getting colder and i'm trying to update my wardrobe for the new season. What about you?
I will write you my new favourite items from Dresslily but before that, i want to tell you about the black Friday 2017 dresslily.

It's about the big discount, yay! I like sale, who doesn't? Let me introduce you to back Friday sales and black friday deals.

So here are my choices;

I like to wear interesting and stylish bags and i found the prettiest ones on Dresslily.

Black Bag,                      Green Bag

Black Boots,                           Metal Ring Stiletto

Black Coat,                             Green Jacket

19 Kasım 2017 Pazar

Nakışlı Hırka

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İyi Pazarlar!
Keyifler nasıl bakalım? Kuş nakışlı çantam Light in the box sitesinden. Kadife üzerine nakışlar çok şık duruyor doğrusu. Ben en çok siyah olanı beğendim ama farklı renkleri de mevcut. Sitede sadece bir kaç gün sürecek bir Thanksgiving sale indirim kampanyası var, alışveriş yapmayı düşünüyorsanız, sakın kaçırmayın!

Haftaya bol bol yağış ve soğuk hava bizi bekliyormuş ama kara kış gelmeden önce, hırka ile gezme havalarının tadını çıkardım elbette. Kırmızı nakışlı hırkam Vogatime isimli, yeni keşfettiğim bir siteden. Aslında spor kıyafet ihtiyacım için girip alışveriş yaparken son anda gözüme ilişti. Farklı renk seçenekleri de var.

Happy sunday!
You know that i really like to have embroidery pieces so when i saw a pretty one, i can't say no to it. New Light in the box, bird embroidery bag is my new favourite. By the way don't miss the Thanksgiving sale on Light in the box.

I want to introduce you to a new shopping site Vogatime. It's a great place where you can find a lot of different styles. I was looking for the sports clothing and i found a lof of pieces which i like. While i was looking for the sports pieces, i saw that embroidery sweater. It's a great piece for my autumn and winter wardrobe.

Sweater Vogatime Hırka,          Bag Light in the box Çanta

17 Kasım 2017 Cuma

Are You Ready for Winter?

It's middle of the fall season and winter is on the way. So i chose the winter pieces from Gamiss, so we can be ready for it!

Pearl Heel,                                   Embroidery Boots

Black and beige boots are must have for us. They are easy to wear and suits with everything. Black sounds ordinary for some of us but it could be unique and stylish at the same time. Check out these boots for a trendy look. Pearl heels or embroidered details? Which one do you prefer? I think i will have them both!

Camo Jacket,                   Leather Jacket

Jackets are my favourite pieces for fall and winter seasons. Camo prints are always trendy, so it is a great piece to buy and wear for years and years.
Rock style look is season trend so if you need a leather jacket, you can buy that one.

Embroidery Coat,                               Black and White Sweater

Also if you are a plus size woman, you can find a lot of different styles on Gamiss. I want to share these which i like most with you.

Kış artık geldi geliyor ama gelmesine hazır mısınız?
Pek tabi psikolojik anlamda değil, kışlık gardırobunuz adına soruyorum bu soruyu! Yeni sezon trendlerine göz gezdirip, dersine çalışamayanları son blog yazıma davet ediyor ve yeni sezon için seçtiğim parçalar ile sizleri baş başa bırakıyorum.
Siz hangi ürünleri beğendiniz? Neleri almayı düşünüyorsunuz, onu da yorum olarak eklemeye ne dersiniz bakalım?

14 Kasım 2017 Salı

Autumn Colors

Sonbahar ve kış aylarının en çok kullanılan renkleri ile karşınızdayım! Sizin de kış diyence ilk aklınıza gelen renkler; siyah, kahve ve askeri yeşil, değil mi :)
Buna rağmen dolabımda pek de kahverengi parça olduğu söylenemez. Dolabıma eklenen bu yeni, yıldız işlemeli çantam Dresslily sitesinden. Sayesinde dolabımda bulunan nadir kahvelere bir yenisi eklendi!

Askeri yeşil ceketim ise Zaful sitesinden. Süet ceketleri çok seviyorum, o nedenle bu ceketi de görünce karşı koyamadım. Özellikle kol detaylarına bayıldım. Hala stokta varsa kaçırmayın derim.

What are the most commonly used colors in winter and fall?. Black, brown and military green, right? But i don't have so many brown items on my wardrobe. When i saw that beautiful bag on Dresslily, i couldn't resist. So i added a new brown piece to my wardrobe. You can find black and grey color options too.

I like suede jackets so much. My military green jacket is from Zaful. I like the arm details, so chic and cool!

Bag Dresslily Çanta,                        Jacket Zaful Ceket

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