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Red Rose Dress

I will be on summer holiday soon and i started to shop for it. I really like red rose dress and you can find a lot of options on Zaful. 

Embroidered pieces and ruffles are so trendy this season and i chose a few red rose dresses for the summer. Recognised for the beauty it can add to understated garments, embroidery can make your outfit really come to life. Designers have added motifs to denim jackets, jeans, leather skirts and little black dresses. Accessories haven’t escaped the trend either. Look for handbags, shoes and belts that have embroidered embellishments to add interest to your outfit. Partnered with other season staples, your embroidered jacket, coat or skirt will have you turning heads this season.
The embroidery trend has tons of options available and i have selected some ideas to inspire you. How will you embrace the embroidery trend this season? I would love to hear how you adopt the look for your lifestyle. Whether you are off to work, a movie, gallery opening or Sunday brunches, there is a way to incorporate embroidery into your look. Work with the textures that are available to you to make a look that will see you at the front of the pack this season.

Also white lace dress with sleeves are my favourite for summer holiday nights. They suits perfectly with the bronze tan.Once summer arrives, there doesn’t seem to be an outing a crisp white frock doesn’t work for: beach day, brunch plans, wine night, spontaneous picnic (or rather, white wine night). Since the shade is versatile for both day and night, and there are silhouettes made for just about every body type, there's nothing stopping you from seeing just how many of these pieces your closet can fit. I like these Zaful dresses, they are so pretty and suitable for every occassion.
There's nothing more refreshing than slipping on a little white dress as the temperatures rise. Whether you're looking for a proper shirt dress for the office or a sexy slip for date night.

Also you can find a lot of bikini options on Zaful. I really like this floral bikini set
There are a lot of color and design options for bikinis and i think i will have this cami string bikini set, they are the perfect choice for sun bathing. I think i will have burgundy and pink colors.
Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes! It is important to know your body type so you can shop accordingly. Wearing the right style of bikini can do wonders for your figure. There are infinite options of bikinis these days and we all know bikini shopping can be overwhelming at times. Use our guide to help you on your search for the perfect bikini. We want all women to feel sexy and beautiful at the beach!

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