12 Ekim 2017 Perşembe

Shopping List For Fall!

Rosegal is an online shop where you can find a lot of different styles together. There are so many options so it can be hard to choose the items! Let's look at my new choices;

Red Jacket,                                  Denim Jacket

Jackets are must have for autumn season. And there are so many options. I like to wear crop jackets with my high waisted jeans and i like to wear oversize jackets with skirts and dresses.

Pink Boots,                                      Black Boots

High boots are must have for this season but if you like to be different and stylish, you can check that pink high boots.
Also the boots look like you are wearing socks are so trendy. I like these black boots so much.

Black Bag,                                 Embroidery Bag

If you like to buy new bags for the season, you can check these bags. Black is always a good idea bacause it looks great with the outfits. So if you cant decide which bag you will choose, black bags are the answer. It comes with 3 bags, so little one for the grocery shopping, middle one for the friend meetings and big one for the shopping, yay!
Also embroidery bags are so popular this season so you can find another color options on Rosegal too.

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