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Checked Shirt Dress

You could be questioning where style nowadays is going. Do not stress, it hasn’t already gone crazier compared to it is usually. A highly versatile blank canvas, a checked shirt dress can take you from day to night and back. First gaining popularity in the '40s, this is a piece that should exist, in some incarnation, in the wardrobes of every style-conscious woman. You can find a lot of dress options on Zaful.

Belts are the most obvious accessory for a shirt dress; really the only way to define the waist.
There are so many chic ways you can rock a shirt. Gone are the days when shirts were only for formal wear. These days, shirts can work with anything: skirts, pants, shorts, formal wear and even work as a dress. Check out these shirt dresses that will inspire your inner fashionista to new heights:
One of the best things about the shirt dress is that you can accessorize in just about anyway. Even if you leave the dress open, you can vary the look and fullness of its skirt by adding an underskirt that hits just above or below the hemline of the dress.

Plaid Long Sleeve Dress                          Checked shirt dress

Red Dress                                             Green Dress

Green Dress                                              Blue Dress

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I love that red dress! It is fantastic.

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