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Tunic Tops

Due to the shape of a tunic, which is typically a relaxed shirt style, they hide a multitude of sins. Looking good in a tunic is often just a game of proportions and optical illusions. Tunic tops are the best fashion pieces for fall. With a long and relaxed top, the look calls for a pair of shorts that are slim and on the shorter side.  

You can find a lot of fashion items on DresslilyIt is important to point out that if you have wide hips and thighs the size of them may be overemphasized if you wear a tunic with them, especially if that tunic ends at the widest part of your hips.  Instead, to create body balance, a pair of jeans with more of a bootcut hem can create a slimming line through counterbalance .

Cropped pants and a tunic can be very summery and a fabulous look for those who hate wearing shorts.  There are a few things to keep in mind when wearing an outfit like this.  First, make sure that the hem of your cropped pants don’t end at the widest point of your calves and, secondly, that they aren’t too wide and relaxed.

Off the shoulder shirt,                                Striped Shirt

                                     Plaid Shirt                                                 Oversized Tunic

Lace Top,                                      Bohemian Blouse

                                             Embroidered Tunic,                                      Drop Shoulder Sweater

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